Students need a breather from school work

Holidays are meant to be periods of leisure and recreation, when no work is done.

But this is definitely not the case for secondary school students here, who are assigned thick stacks of worksheets and group projects to finish by the end of the June holidays.

I agree that students need to regularly refresh the skills they have learnt.

But is such a huge stack of homework necessary? After all, everyone requires a mental breather from time to time.

Holidays are the best time for students to play, rest and, most importantly, spend time with their families.

How are families supposed to go on an overseas holiday with peace of mind if students are assigned so much homework?

It is impossible to finish group projects by the end of the school holiday if the majority of the group members are travelling.

Students are not machines. Schools should ensure that students have a balance between work and play.

Jericha Trisha Jesse (Ms)

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