Students' interest in Chinese still strong

While it is a national trend for more students to be inclined towards English, it is incorrect to say that most Special Assistance Plan (SAP) students do not have any strong interest in Chinese ("SAP school system outdated today" by Huang Yihua; Feb 17).

Some SAP schools offer the Bicultural Studies programme to students to enable them to have a deeper understanding of the Chinese language and culture, as well as developments in China.

And those who take Higher Mother Tongue can go on to take China Studies in Chinese at the A levels.

This shows that there are students who truly enjoy the Chinese language.

Having taken Higher Chinese last year, I believe most students do not aim just for a D7 grade, which is the minimum for university admission.

Most of my classmates aimed for at least a B4.

I have not heard of any case of Higher Chinese students behaving in a superior manner over non-Higher Chinese students.

We also should not be worried about SAP students interacting with only other Chinese students.

Singapore is a multiracial society.

Everywhere we go, we meet people of different races, and have ample opportunity to interact with them.

The SAP scheme has benefited students, so it should not be abolished.

Jong Ching Yee (Miss)

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