Strong reactions over abuse case show S'poreans care

Despite being criticised for defending the couple in the Annie Ee abuse case, lawyer Josephus Tan said he felt heartened by the reactions, as they reflect how "Singaporeans are a caring lot who wanted to voice their outrage against the appalling abuse" (Why he defends the 'bad guys'; Dec 24, 2017).

Indeed, I think many would be flabbergasted if Singaporeans treat such cases with a nonchalant attitude. I would rue the day when there is no reaction from the ground when such a tragedy occurs.

Instead of seeing such reactions as crossing the line, we should see them in a more positive light - as a spontaneous outburst of humanity against any "evil acts" in our society.

Most Singaporeans fully appreciate the fact that we are a law-abiding society and comprehend the necessity of allowing the proper process of the law to take place, although in cyberspace, one cannot stop the vitriolic and vengeful rhetoric from some quarters.

I have great respect for Mr Tan for seeing the silver lining amid the hue and cry.

Although we are not as close-knit a society today as during our grandparents' days, it is reassuring to know that society still cares.

Seah Yam Meng

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