Strict discipline in schools led to better-behaved adults

It is clear from Mr Eric J. Brooks' letter that today's parent-teacher meetings are a far cry from those of yesteryear (Stopping abusive behaviour at parent-teacher meetings; May 26).

Most parents then were less-educated, but they did not exhibit such anti-social behaviour.

Teachers back then punished students for even minor offences, such as not pinning their school badges or forgetting to bring books.

Even though some teachers used abusive punishments like slapping and caning, students then did not dare to inform their parents when they were punished. The strict and regimental discipline effectively nurtured students to be responsible adults with moral values and good behaviour. Subjects like civics and catechism were also taught in some schools.

Sadly, teachers do not practise such strict discipline now, resulting in anti-social behaviour and insubordination.

I agree with Mr Brooks' suggestion to prevent such abusive and bad behaviour from escalating.

Patrick Tan Keong Boon

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