Forum: Stray dogs at Pasir Ris Park a worry

Stray dogs have been spotted at Pasir Ris Park and Changi Point area.

My wife and I were at Pasir Ris Park one evening for our regular jog. As the school holidays had begun, there were more than the usual number of people there, including families with children, as well as people walking their pet dogs.

As we ran across the bridge leading from Area 2 to Area 1, a pack of six dogs emerged from the bushes and ran along the grassland fronting the beach.

Their sudden appearance startled people, who took care to keep their distance from the dogs.

We observed that the pack headed for a man and a woman, who had dismounted from bicycles. The duo took out what turned out to be food and began feeding the dogs. Later, we heard the dogs barking furiously and racing towards the beach.

On Friday, we encountered another pack of stray dogs on runs around Changi Point.

They barked and charged at us and turned away only when we continued calmly on our way. I had reported the presence of the dogs then to the National Parks Board (NParks), which later contacted me to say that it had dealt with the matter. We subsequently caught sight of more strays in the Changi Point area.

As the school holidays have begun, and with more people likely to head to the parks, there is a greater likelihood of people being menaced by these dogs.

I am sure many of the park visitors would appreciate action by NParks to deal with the problem.

Michael T.H. Lim

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