Stop trend of building shoebox units

The current collective sale fever in Singapore is a cause for concern (En bloc effect: Smaller shoebox units?; April 11).

Developers are bidding for land at ridiculously high prices, with the hope of reaping huge profits when they sell the units. But, as bigger units are generally unaffordable, they are building smaller units to fit the budgets of Singaporeans.

Some developers build only units that are 70 sq m. The Government should not allow this, but ask developers to build apartments of various sizes to suit the needs of the various buyers.

We cannot let the greed and profit motive of developers set the trend now and for the future. Once such a trend becomes the norm, public housing will also follow. The net effect will be public flats that are even smaller than 70 sq m.

In the long run, this will create social problems and discontent. Is Singapore really so short of land that we have to build such small units? Do we have to follow the Hong Kong model in our housing development?

I hope the Urban Redevelopment Authority can comment on this.

Koh Ban Aik

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Sunday Times on April 15, 2018, with the headline 'Stop trend of building shoebox units'. Print Edition | Subscribe