Stop motorists turning right when pedestrians cross

Vehicles stop at a traffic light along Admiralty Road towards Woodlands Town Centre, on Jan 10, 2017.

I read with sadness that yet another death occurred at a pedestrian crossing when the lights were green for both the pedestrian and the motorist making a right turn (Man charged with causing police officer's death by negligent driving, April 26).

The driver who knocked down the policewoman was charged with causing her death by driving in a negligent manner.

He was said to have been making a right turn into Shenton Way when his car hit her.

For motorists, it can sometimes be a challenge to look out for pedestrians crossing as well as oncoming vehicles.

The likelihood of an accident occurring is heightened when the pedestrian is not so visible to the motorist at night, or when a cyclist or e-scooter rider suddenly zips across the pedestrian crossing, cutting down the already short time a motorist has to react even more.

It would be a lot safer if the Land Transport Authority (LTA) adjusts the traffic lights so that motorists can make a right turn only if the light is green in their favour, but red for the pedestrians.

While it may be quite a mammoth task to do so, LTA could start by tweaking the traffic lights at the busier road junctions first before more tragic accidents occur.

Edwin Pang

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