Stop alighting from entrances of buses

Commuters at a bus stop along Robinson Road.
Commuters at a bus stop along Robinson Road.PHOTO: ST FILE

For years now, I have observed that passengers have a bad habit of alighting from buses using the designated "entrance" door. This happens at almost all bus stops.

People should not do things for their own personal convenience and hinder the flow of passengers wanting to board the buses, causing delays.

Good manners and courtesy go a long way in caring for and being sensitive to others around us.

Bus captains can instruct passengers to alight from the "exit" door instead.

Alternatively, an announcement can be made when buses near bus stops. This announcement system can also be used to prompt passengers to move to the back of the buses to avoid crowding at the wrong places and to allow more people to board the buses.

Teo Gek Seng

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