Still much work to be done

While racism is a taboo subject, it is crucial for us to know about it and discuss it, in order for us to successfully overcome it ("Singaporeans respect all races, but racism still an issue: Survey"; last Saturday).

Amid all the discussion generated from a recent survey, the reasons why racism is negative are infrequently mentioned or emphasised.

Humanity, as we know it, is under constant and evolving threats. Two of the factors that will enable us to defeat these threats are resilience and cohesion.

In order to be truly united, the understanding of other races and cultures is fundamental.

My deeper understanding of cultural differences started in lower secondary school when I helped my classmate with physics.

The honest and frank interactions with him over the few years in school, and even now, enabled me to gain a better understanding of and respect for the Malay culture and for Islam.

I embrace the learning and understanding of the cultures and religions of others.

My best friend is Malay and I am a better person because of that.

The younger generations of Singaporeans are apparently more accepting of other races.

With more understanding of our multicultural heritage, Singapore will be even more united and stronger than ever before.

This will not readily come and there is still much work to be done.

Jon Yoong Kah Choun

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