STF not dealing with developments appropriately

As a parent of a child who learns taekwondo under the Singapore Taekwondo Federation (STF), I am deeply concerned about the developments in the organisation (Singapore Taekwondo Federation resignations are sign of trouble, by Mr Daniel Tay Xiong Sheng, Oct 30; and Letter: Leadership transition smooth, insists acting chief of Singapore Taekwondo Federation, Oct 30).

In the first paragraph of STF's acting president David Koh's response, he denies that STF is a "ship". Within the very same letter, he contradicts himself by admitting he is the "new captain". To me, this confirms Mr Tay's view about Mr Koh's situational awareness and judgment of reality.

In any association, the abrupt resignation of half its management committee cannot in any sensible way be characterised as a "smooth transition".

As far as I know, most STF members were taken by surprise by the abrupt mass resignations.

Mr Koh said in his reply that measures are in place to address the issues raised by Mr Tay.

However, there are no details about these measures in his response, not even on STF's official website.

STF should not use its website as a platform to discredit a whistle blower. This is clearly not an appropriate way to deal with disagreements. In fact, this practice deters others from raising problems in future.

Accountability is what keeps organisations afloat and resilient to weather any storm.

I wish the STF's new management would reflect on its strategy and also explain its reform plans publicly on its website.

Richard Low Kim Leng

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