STB making every effort to keep Haw Par Villa alive

We thank Mr Heng Cho Choon for his letter ("Breathe new life into Haw Par Villa"; Jan 24).

The Singapore Tourism Board (STB) recognises the significance of Haw Par Villa, and has partnered the National Heritage Board to study its built structures, statues, and other heritage features.

Conservation specialist consultancy Studio Lapis has also been appointed to develop a management plan to guide efforts in maintaining Haw Par Villa's heritage.

While the statues require constant repainting due to exposure to the elements, senior artisan Mr Teo Veoh Seng has been meticulously attending to them over the last 70 years ("81-year-old keeps sculptures in good shape"; Sept 27, 2015).

His dedication has ensured that Haw Par Villa continues to appeal to visitors over the years.

Currently, the STB is also refurbishing areas of disrepair in the park.

Beyond these efforts, it is equally important to keep the spirit of Haw Par Villa alive.

The park's operator, Journeys Pte Ltd, has a strong track record in managing heritage attractions and has plans to introduce events, and retail and dining outlets, within the park.

We will continue to work closely with them to enliven the park through regular programming.

The STB's priorities have always been to ensure that the activities and developments within Haw Par Villa are in support of its unique heritage, and to keep the park as a free-access public attraction for all to enjoy.

We welcome suggestions on more ways to preserve the park's heritage.

Ranita Sundramoorthy (Ms)

Director, Attractions, Dining and Retail

Singapore Tourism Board

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