Stay steadfast in face of terror

The proliferation of global acts of terror, including recent events in Manchester and London, serves as a timely reminder to Singaporeans about the necessity of a holistic security network.

We cannot take our security for granted. Every measure to secure our vulnerable city state ought to be exercised with the utmost diligence.

I am proud that the Ministry of Home Affairs is committed to heightening its precautions in countering threats (Terrorism threat to Singapore at highest level in years: MHA; June 2).

The list includes using the Internal Security Act to detain radicals, working with regional partners like Indonesia, and educating the public on the need for vigilance.

But we cannot solely rely on top-down efforts and be passive about our own security.

I reckon no one wishes to transform Singapore into a police state. Fear breeds paranoia - the single most destructive feature that destabilises democracies.

Fear of the "other" is something which Singaporeans cannot afford to succumb to.

Singapore is relevant only for as long as it is part of a global, interconnected community.

We ought to be aware of our fragile social fabric of multiculturalism and multi-religiosity.

It takes only one terror attack to reverse our stability. If we realise what matters only after losing it, it may be too late.

So, I urge all Singaporeans to heed the call for vigilance.

Aldrin Relador

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