Start small in meeting neighbours

The news that people are interacting less with their neighbours is shocking and worrying (S'poreans prefer privacy to mingling with neighbours: Poll; June 28).

It is very important that residents interact more with their neighbours so as to create a more cohesive society and a more cosy environment to live in.

Frequent interactions can help prevent misunderstandings, as residents get to know one another better, especially in our multiracial country.

In the light of terrorist threats and radicalisation, it is also good to know one's neighbours and what they are up to.

Everybody can start interacting with their neighbours in small ways.

We can start by smiling and greeting one another along the corridor. Simple kind acts like holding the lift for our neighbours can make their day.

Although it is understandable that people want to maintain their privacy and it is not easy to take the first step, we can always put in some effort to make small interactions and create a familiar living environment.

Let us change our mindset that it is not necessary to socialise with neighbours.

Chong Shu Xian, 15,

Secondary 4 student

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