Start review of caning in schools

Posed photo of a girl holding her hand after being caned at home.
Posed photo of a girl holding her hand after being caned at home.PHOTO: ST FILE

It was reported that in schools, corporal punishment is allowed for male studentsin severe cases of grave or repeated misconduct and that such punishments are carried out in private (Most parents here don't spare rod on kids at home: Study, July 30).

I commend the Ministry of Education's (MOE) guidelines on how corporal punishment is carried out as it maintains the offender's dignity and ensures he commits to a path of redemption and counselling.

Certain schools have even abolished corporal punishment and opted for counselling and follow-up guidance instead.

The term "grave or repeated misconduct" is broad and subjective.

It is about time MOE started a review on caning. Offences liable for corporal punishment should be streamlined, specific and standardised throughout Singapore's education system.

Anelka Tay Salam, 16

Secondary 4 student

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