Start counterterror attack drills in schools

Government officials have repeatedly said that it is not whether there will be a terror attack in Singapore but, rather, when a terror attack will take place.

With "lone wolf" attacks on the rise, one could happen at any time in Singapore. What if an attacker strikes a school here?

Most Singaporean male adults have undergone military training and would know what to do in the event of a terrorist attack.

Should not our schools be teaching our young what they should do if there is an attack, just like all Japanese children are taught how to react when an earthquake happens?

I urge our Education and Defence ministries to to come up with plans to educate our children.

Hold regular real-life drills so that students get a first-hand feel of a "terror attack". The children must know what it feels like and become familiar with the plans.

Some parents may feel that doing this could traumatise their children.

I would ask those parents - Do we want our children to live in a "germ free" fantasy world or let them learn the hard truth and be prepared for it?

Elliot Taylor Hong

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