Start by treating maids as family

The barring of maids from private clubs reflects a thinking shared by the majority of Singaporeans.

Despite our favourable well-being, the level of civic consciousness and empathy shown for fellow human beings is embarrassing and detrimental.

We expect foreign domestic workers to be part of the family and entrust them with our young children, old parents and homes.

In the same breath, they are not allowed to have a meal with us or enjoy the facilities in private clubs and condominiums (Clubs' barring of maids 'good, old-timey discrimination?'; Dec 2).

Going forward, we know that private clubs' rules are set by the members. Clubs should state their policies upfront. The public can be the judge of the club members.

The need for domestic helpers will not go away soon.

We need to create a happy and conducive environment for all. It will also remove all excuses on the "barring" issue.

Goh Boon Kai

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