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Stand up for those with disabilities

Stand up for those with disabilities

It was heartrending to read of a mother who struggled to take her child to school because of the restrictions on buses. I am glad she is now allowed to leave her son in the pram inside the bus ("Bus rides an ordeal for mother of boy with cerebral palsy"; Oct 2).

A kind, warm and caring community is made up of people who care for those with disabilities.

We should not be people who do not bother to offer assistance, or who think disabled people are strange and weird. Instead, we should actively stand up for them.

For example, students who see a disabled classmate being bullied in school should not just stand in a corner and watch. Rather, we should either intervene or tell a teacher about it.

I urge the youngsters and adults of Singapore to go one step further in taking care of those with disabilities. If we cannot help them, let us not impede them or make life difficult for them.

This way, we will become a more gracious and kind society.

Janna Aw Swee Leen, 13,

Secondary 1 student

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