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Stand apart from constant need to fit in

Stand apart from constant need to fit in

In an era ruled by social media, there seems to be an underlying perception that every moment in one's life should be documented, and that the number of "likes" determines how much a person is accepted or integrated into his community.

The need to please and the fear of being socially shunned makes teenagers feel like they have to walk on eggshells when conversing with their "friends", or dress in a certain way to conform to the norms determined by current trends.

Consequently, these teens lose their sense of identity and become another carbon copy of the stereotypical adolescent.

This constant need to fit in becomes a barrier against success and happiness, and should be eliminated from one's life.

How can a person be a pioneer in his community if he is not true to himself? Every innovative idea originated from a person who rejected conformity. For example, Facebook co-founder Mark Zuckerberg was a school dropout.

I hope teens can see that the people around them do not have the right to define who they are. Sometimes, a bit of rebellion is needed to truly achieve greatness.

Beverley Ramona Tan Pang Yie, 18,
Year 12 student


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