Stamp collecting a fun way to get youngsters learning

Stamp collecting seems to be a hobby that does not go out of vogue, even though letters sent by post are increasingly being replaced by e-mail and social media (Stamps spark youngsters' quest for knowledge; May 2).

It seems to have sparked the natural curiosity of some primary school pupils here and encouraged them to learn more about subjects that would be dry and boring in a normal classroom setting.

The good thing about stamp collecting is that it trains the eye to observe details.

This is important in any scientific process which involves the analysis of copious amounts of data and pattern-spotting.

Hence, young people exposed to stamp collecting can leverage this skill to excel in science or arts and design.

It is important to build basic skills in primary and secondary school. However, the current curriculum seems not to excite many of our young to gain more knowledge.

Indeed, many would have forgotten much of their lessons once they leave school.

Students can assimilate their lessons better if they see that the subjects have real-world applications.

More schools should embrace fun methods of teaching, through informative hobbies like stamp collecting, to supplement the basic curriculum.

Lee Kay Yan (Miss)

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