Sports is great way to bring people closer together

I am encouraged by Justin Chua Jun Jie's view that sports can bring people together regardless of social class and race (Sports is the inequality equaliser; June 6).

There is a sport out there for everyone.

Not everyone can be a Fandi Ahmad, Joseph Schooling, Yip Pin Xiu or Jason Chee, but what counts is that we give it our best shot.

Many of us may say that a reason we do not play sports is that we are not good at it.

But, until we try, we will never know whether we will be good at it.

I remember participating in track and field events in school.

During the training sessions, I made many close friends.

Regardless of our social background or race, we all celebrated our victory when the team won and cheered each other on when we lost.

Now, as a volunteer, I see value in how community sports events bring together residents, especially children, from all walks of life.

Similar to inter-primary school sports tournaments, events like the PAssion Children's Football programme offers a way for children aged five to 12, regardless of their gender and socio-economic background, to make friends and pick up football skills.

Even if we are not playing sports, watching sports together, like during the World Cup screenings at community clubs, is also a good way to meet like-minded people.

We need not always equate sports with competition. It is also a chance to bring people closer.

Kenneth Wong Chong Wai

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