Singaporeans must stand united to safeguard our sovereignty

Singapore's Transport Ministry has sent a strong warning to the Malaysian government over its intrusions into our territorial waters (Khaw tells Malaysian ships to back off as S'pore expands port limits; Dec 7).

It is unfortunate that our bilateral relations have come to this - where they are causing citizens of the two countries anxiety and even anger.

No party will benefit from this continued tension.

When the new Malaysian government took over from the former Barisan Nasional administration, many old issues started to resurface, including the intention to increase water prices, the crooked bridge, the challenge of the International Court of Justice's ruling of Pedra Branca to Singapore and, now, the intrusions into Singapore's air and maritime space.

Some Singaporeans have called on the Government to not hesitate to go to war, if need be.

But this should be avoided at all cost.

Singapore firmly upholds international laws and respects bilateral agreements.

We should try to resolve issues amicably and calmly, but if the Malaysian government continues with such "political tricks" to distract its population from the country's domestic problems, then we must stand firm and take appropriate action against them.

We might be a small nation, but no country should be allowed to threaten our sovereignty.

During such times, we, as Singaporeans, should put aside our political differences and stand united.

Nothing is more important now than to stand by our Government and security agencies in tackling such a crisis.

Let's trust that our Government knows what the best course of action for Singapore is.

Sim Dian Chye

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