Singapore will suffer in US-China trade war

The report (China levies $66b in tariffs on US in tit-for-tat move; April 5) reveals a looming trade war.

If world trade is a candle, the flurry of international commerce is the flame.

That flame is already dimmer, after the United States decried globalisation as a bane rather than a boon to its national interest upon the inauguration of Mr Donald Trump as its President.

We do not look forward to a further dimming of the flame, with a trade war now looming large over the two giants.

If that comes to pass, it would spell disaster for the world, especially for a country like Singapore where we are hugely dependent on world trade.

Let us hope that US-China relations do not head in that direction, or our own candle's light might not survive the crosswind.

Singapore, through Asean, must urge the two superpowers to take the proper route of resolving trade rows through the World Trade Organisation and not take unilateral action against each other as that is the surest way to a gloomier economy for the world.

Phillip Tan Fong Lip

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