S'pore must stand firm against gay marriage

I READ with shock and sadness that the United States has legalised gay marriage ("Same-sex marriage legalised across US"; last Saturday).

It is a sad day for the US and for the world.

The influence of American culture remains strong around the world, and such a decision will no doubt embolden gay rights activists and have an influence on other countries as well.

While we may exercise respect for people with same-sex orientation and tolerate their preferences, we must guard against its attack on the family.

I hope the Singapore Government will maintain its firm stand against gay marriage and protect the sanctity of the family unit of a father and mother raising children ("Society here 'not ready for same-sex marriage'"; June 6).

The family is the most basic unit of our society. Once we allow the family unit to be attacked, it will lead to the decay of our society.

The gay activist movement will continue to push its agenda and influence the minds of our young.

I hope the Government and religious organisations can work together to come up with programmes to educate our young children and teenagers on the importance of families and protect them against such influences.

Patrick Tan Siong Kuan

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