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Speed up development plans for port terminals

Although the Tanjong Pagar Terminal's lease does not expire until 2027, container operations have been moved out since earlier this year. It appears that the site will remain vacant for the foreseeable future but neither the Urban Redevelopment Authority nor PSA has revealed any plans for it.

PSA's other city terminals - Keppel and Brani - are also likely to be relocated before the end of their leases before 2027.

The development of these sites should be given priority. The city terminals cover almost 270ha of prime land, with excellent connectivity and transport infrastructure already in place. It would be wasteful to leave it vacant.

An integrated development plan that also includes the early redevelopment of the Pasir Panjang Terminal is needed. The lease for the Pasir Panjang Terminal ends only in 2040. The date should be relooked. Having committed to the development of the Tuas mega port (Keeping the ships sailing in - why the mega port matters; Dec 10), it would make sense to consolidate all container operations at a single site, and this could take place as early as 2030. Relocating the city terminals and Pasir Panjang Terminal to Tuas would free up more than 900ha of land.

A more coordinated planning approach would be helpful not only in reducing the wastage of unused facilities, but also in preventing the premature and unnecessary removal of green belts along the existing southern waterfront.

Tan Hua Joo

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