Speak up against bike 'litterers'

I disagree that it should be left to the authorities to draw up some rules (Bike 'littering' will only get worse unless Govt steps in, by Mr Devdatt Vijay Nerurkar; May 26).

The bicycle rental companies should ban people who abandon the bikes from using the service for a period of time.

This will hurt their profit margins for some time, but the companies should be firm and, in due course, the errant users will clean up their act if they value the convenience of the service.

Members of the public can play a part when they witness those who are in the midst of abandoning the bicycles by either taking them to task or by taking a picture and posting it online.

In Britain, a person who tries to cut the queue will be told to get in line.

Singaporeans need to stand up for the city and speak up.

If more people do so, those who litter in any way will learn to be considerate.

This will also set the tone for the young, who learn by example.

Patricia Maria De Souza (Ms)

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