Soya milk 'mistake' a serious matter

The issue of BreadTalk's misleading of customers ("Soya milk sold at BreadTalk is from Yeo's"; Wednesday) has raised many questions.

According to the report, BreadTalk sold its 350ml bottles for $1.80 each while Yeo's soya bean milk is sold at FairPrice for $1.50 for a one-litre carton.

How can a reputable company allow such a "mistake" to happen? How long has this been going on?

While the company has defended the freshness of its bread, buns and cakes ("BreadTalk tries to rise above scandal"; yesterday), the relevant regulating authority should still check its products to prevent other possible cases of "misrepresentation".

Are there other companies that have labelled their products such that consumers are unaware that they can buy the same thing at a fraction of the cost elsewhere?


I was shocked. Such a prestigious bakery chain, mislabelling something as freshly made. Who can we trust? BreadTalk should be penalised for cheating.


For every case that is discovered and exposed by a member of the public, how many are going on undetected?

And what happens when these businesses are caught?

In countries with stronger consumer protection, this could be regarded as a criminal offence.

The Consumers Association of Singapore must view this matter seriously, bring the errant companies to task and assure consumers that they are adequately protected.

Daniel Chan Wai Piew

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