Soft drinks, desserts with high sugar content cause for concern

The recent move by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to actively seek public feedback on its proposed tax and ban on sugary drinks is welcomed (Singapore considering tax, ban on high-sugar drinks; Dec 5). Its approach is both timely and imperative.

However, I feel that, other than packaged drinks, the proposal should perhaps also be expanded to include all soft drinks sold at fast-food restaurants.

These eateries are heavily patronised and are places where many people consume sweet carbonated drinks.

Customers often choose to order a set meal, and can also choose to upsize their drinks, which leads to more sugar being consumed. Over time, if they continue to lead an unhealthy lifestyle, they could end up with diabetes.

MOH and the Health Promotion Board should also be concerned about the high amount of sugar used in desserts, which many people enjoy.

In view of the serious threats posed by diabetes, I suggest that desserts be prepared with less sugar.

Teo Kok Seah

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