Voices Of Youth

Social media is not all bad

Social media is far more appealing to young people than their schoolwork. However, while it is often touted as a source of distraction, the benefits of social media usage have been largely overlooked.

The platforms and apps empower adolescents to become part of a global community. Meaningful engagement on these websites allows the young to seek advice from their personal heroes and collaborate with like-minded individuals around the world.

Having recently created my first public profile on Instagram, I have had the chance to connect with several teenage entrepreneurs and engage with professionals to discuss niche topics, such as cryptocurrency. For me, social media is not a distraction. It is a tool.

By allowing teens to explore these platforms in a safe manner, we can help them to grow their creative sparks into wildfires.

Elyse Rachelle Barg, 15,

Year 10 Student