SMS queue system: Bank replies

We thank Madam Rose Wee for her feedback ("Bank's SMS queue system unfair to elderly folk"; Wednesday) and have contacted her to clarify this matter.

We assure Madam Wee and the public that elderly and special needs customers are accorded priority in queues across all our branches.

DBS introduced the SMS option into our queue management system to provide greater convenience to our customers.

It allows customers the flexibility to request a queue number via SMS, and to receive a notification when their turn is near.

However, we are aware that some of our customers may not have mobile phones.

For these customers, our branch staff are at hand to assist them in obtaining paper queue tickets.

There is no difference in queue priority if our customers opt for either the SMS or paper ticket option.

No one queue takes precedence over the other.

Linda Lee (Ms)
Head of DBS Branch Banking
Consumer Banking Group (Singapore)
DBS Bank

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