Smoke detectors emit signal when batteries are low

We thank Mr Zhang Guocheng for his letter (Concern about smoke detectors; Nov 24).

From June 1 next year, all new homes, and existing homes which undergo works which affect fire safety, will be required to install a smoke detector.

These devices can run on battery or be wired to the electrical supply.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force recommends the use of those which operate on a built-in battery, which lasts 10 years, as they are more cost-effective and easier to install.

These smoke detectors emit a light or sound signal when the batteries are running low and need to be replaced.

To ensure that their smoke detectors are in good working condition, occupants are also encouraged to test the devices regularly by pressing the built-in "Test" button.

Leslie Williams (Lieutenant-Colonel)
Senior Assistant Director (Public Affairs Department)
Singapore Civil Defence Force

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