Smart of police to take pre-emptive measures

The Singapore Police Force must be complimented for taking pre-emptive measures against the importing of politics from other countries into the Republic (Foreigners in S'pore told not to import politics; April 5).

The police move is timely, given the fact that thousands of Malaysians are working and living in Singapore, coupled with the upcoming general election across the Causeway.

If Malaysians here are disenchanted with their country's social and political reforms, they may further their political causes here in Singapore.

It is important for them to show respect for Singapore's laws, and abide by them as well as refrain from illegal political activities here.

The law should come down hard on those involved in staging illegal public gatherings, which, if allowed, could be disruptive to the lives of people in Singapore.

Over the years, Singapore and Malaysia have enjoyed good bilateral ties that are mutually beneficial.

Hence, Malaysians must not put Singapore in a difficult position by staging political or electoral campaigns in the Republic.

Jeffrey Law Lee Beng

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