Forum: Smaller class size better for students

Teacher Tay Peiyong with his students from Admiralty Secondary School
Teacher Tay Peiyong with his students from Admiralty Secondary School PHOTO: ST FILE

A survey showed that the more money parents spent on tuition, the better the student does (Too much tuition could do more harm than good, Dec 9).

Students' academic performance should not be based on their families' socio-economic status. It is unfair to those from low-income families.

Instead, schools should have smaller class sizes. In my experience, having a big class does not work because lessons are disrupted by some students, so others are unable to focus and learn. Students do not have the courage to clear their doubts in front of a big class, or if students ask too many questions, there is not enough time for the teacher to finish the lesson.

However, in my history class, which has about 20 students, I am able to do better and more students ask questions. I also have more time to clear my doubts with the teacher during lessons.

If schools hire more teachers to cater to smaller classes, students will then be able to do better. This is a win-win situation for all, regardless of whether the students come from poor or rich families.

Clive Chua Kai An, 17

Secondary 4 student

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