Small pension increment would mean a lot

Like Mr Tan Kwong Moh (Give pensioners an increment too; Dec 20), I am also a pensioner, now aged 71.

I joined the Singapore Police Force when I was 19 in 1965 and served for 26 years until 1991.

We were paid $84 a month during our six-month training stint at the then Police Training School in Thomson Road.

When we completed the training, we were paid $135 per month.

I never looked at other jobs, which paid more, as I had a passion to serve.

Times were bad in those days but things were relatively cheap - a plate of char kway teow, mee rebus or mee goreng cost only 30 cents. A bus trip was five cents.

The 1960s was a tumultuous period.

Singapore faced Konfrontasi, or confrontation, waged by Indonesia.I recall being rostered to patrol the beaches for intrusion by Indonesians.

An increment of $30 in the Singapore Allowance for the pension would be a token sum, but would mean a lot to those who contributed to the nation's progress from Third World to First World status.

Also, there are not many pensioners around and most will likely be gone in a decade or two.

Neo Poh Goon

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