Small changes that can enhance life in HDB estates

In most Housing Board estates, we have precinct pavilions built for community activities such as Residents' Committee events, weddings and wakes.

It is a waste for such sheltered common spaces to be used so sparingly.

The HDB could very easily step up the use of these spots by enhancing them for other recreational purposes too.

For example, for a casual game of badminton, we only need to have the lines of the court drawn up and have two poles erected for the net.

Of course, we can play without these add-ons, but these could assist members of the community in abiding by the rules of the game to play it right.

Such free and sheltered all-day "badminton courts" are definitely more conducive for a fun game than trying to book a proper court at a community centre or sports centre.

Imagine, with minimal structural changes, almost immediately, hundreds of free "badminton courts" will be available to the public.

Another game that could possibly be played in such communal spaces is sepak takraw.

With creative enhancements to our void decks and communal spaces, we can promote family and group bonding as well as exercise and a healthier lifestyle at little cost, without members of the public having to travel far.

Tay Kian Tiong

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A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on August 27, 2018, with the headline Small changes that can enhance life in HDB estates. Subscribe