Skills-based learning a worthwhile investment

I agree with the Ministry of Education's plan to emphasise skills and tap students' diverse talents and strengths to meet the future needs of our country.

This will mean not limiting our children to academic achievementsand also exposing them to opportunities to gain hands-on skills that could be a stepping stone for their ambitions. This would also contribute to the country's success in various fields and will certainly take Singapore to greater heights internationally.

The passion for lifelong learning must be inculcated in everyone from a young age, along with the fundamentals of civic-mindedness. This will equip the future generation with well-balanced and holistic skills and knowledge that benefit the country and its citizens.

SkillsFuture is one example of such a successful measure. If it continues to succeed, the country will not have to depend on foreign skilled workers for various jobs and this will, instead, result in a more self-sufficient population.

If we have more skilled individuals, we will also be able to share our expertise in these areas with other countries, and Singapore will gain a reputation for being a holistic educational hub.

It will be worthwhile to pave the way for our youth to explore different areas of specialisation and pursue diverse endeavours as this will be a valuable investment for the future generation.

Syed Alwi Altahir

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