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Singaporeans should count our blessings

When I went to Myanmar on a trip, I witnessed children as young as five having to walk for miles just to reach their schools or to help their families retrieve water, due to inadequate transport facilities.

Although their feet were often covered in blisters, they never complained and always smiled.

In Singapore, we grumble daily about the transport system, even though we have a proper one that provides access to almost all parts of the country.

Sure, it is not perfect, but is it not a blessing to actually have a transport system?

We never fail to blow up the smallest of mistakes, but do not give credit when things go well.

Singaporeans have taken our good fortune for granted.

We need to recognise that the things we complain about are often the stuff of other people's dreams.

I hope we can be more positive and learn to count our blessings.

Clarissa Ng Ming Yi, 14, Secondary 2 student

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