Singapore shouldn't lose out on talented foreign spouses

Posed photo of a married couple.
Posed photo of a married couple.PHOTO: ST FILE

Singapore ought to approve long-term visit passes or permanent residency for qualified foreign spouses of Singaporeans (Don't separate foreigner-Singaporean couples, May 17).

If there is such a foreigner who is a graduate and wants to settle down in Singapore, surely such a person should be given a chance to contribute to the economy and start a family here.

The alternative could be Singapore losing two talented individuals to another country.

Yes, there are sham marriages, but with our network and technology, these can be identified relatively easily.

While I understand that we must control the number of incoming foreigners to protect local graduates, we must also be flexible to those who are married to Singaporeans.

First World countries like Canada or Australia give automatic permanent residency to foreigners married to their citizens. Singapore should consider doing the same.

Harry Chia

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