Singapore must stay on top of oil and gas game

I returned over the weekend from a sizeable international petroleum conference in Malaysia, whose oil sector is buzzing once again led by its fully integrated oil and gas company Petronas.

There is much we can learn from the country, especially when it comes to promoting our own oil and gas sector and its capabilities.

First, we must make every attempt to attract global players to our shores via such events and lay out in full, for instance, what our service and supply companies can do.

We need to impress upon the world how long we have been in the game, made more impressive by the fact that we do not have the resource, or produce a drop of oil, let alone a vial of natural gas.

Yet, we handle it for others and even provide the tools to extract it and have done so since the 70s, when we were the largest supply base for the region.

We have since moved on and up to become more sophisticated in how we deal with the global oil trade and cater to the industry worldwide.

Refinement of oil remains our strength , and we can take it up quite a few notches by upgrading our facilities.

We must stay ahead of the competition by constantly fine tuning our products and services.

Our professionals must continue to be given the best opportunities to improve their knowledge and skills relating to new developments.

It will help us move closer to becoming the complete one-stop shop and service centre for the oil and gas industry, be it in exploration, drilling, production, pipelines, refining, petrochemicals or gas processing.

Manoraj Rajathurai

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