Singapore curling team at the next Winter Olympics?

The 2018 Winter Olympics has come and gone and the sole Singapore participant was a speed skater.

This is to be expected as we have no winters, no mountains and no culture of winter sports.

However, that should not stop us from trying to take part in such an important sporting event.

We should concentrate on what we have and what we can realistically achieve.

After watching many events at the Games, I came to the conclusion that the one event we have a chance in is curling.

Many here may not take the sport seriously, with its slow pace and players with brooms frantically clearing an imaginary path in front of a smooth 20kg granite rock. But after watching it for several days, I realised that it is one event we can compete in.

We have already got ice rinks in Singapore. The equipment consists of a granite stone, special shoes and brooms at a total cost of under $1,000. There is hardly any wear and tear to the equipment.

A team comprises fourmembers of either sex. They do not have to be well-built or strong, but they have to be fit.

Tactics are involved as well, of course. It combines elements of chess and bowling to provide a fascinating and entertaining sport.

We, as a sports-loving nation, need not be left out of the next Winter Olympics. There is enough time to get a team together and be ready for Beijing 2022.

Lu Chisen

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on May 11, 2018, with the headline 'Singapore curling team at the next Winter Olympics?'. Print Edition | Subscribe