Silent accomplices hold key to terror problem

The authorities are taking all measures to highlight how the people in Singapore should react if an act of terror happens on our shores (S'pore must stand united against terror threat: MPs; Oct 4).

However, my bigger concern is not the majority of the people in Singapore but the silent accomplices of those who have been radicalised.

The key to homeland security really does lie in their hands.

Are there stern enough measures in place to ensure that there is a heavy price to pay for not reporting a radicalised person to the authorities?

If there aren't, then there is little reason for a person to go to the authorities if they suspect a family member has been radicalised.

We have been fortunate that those who have been radicalised were caught before they were able to act.

But looking ahead, the authorities should increase publicity on the failure to report.

Let us not wait until tragedy hits our shores but seek out the silent accomplices now, because terror may be brewing in the shadows under our noses.

Florence Veronica Minjoot (Ms)

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