Signboard pictures promise more than what hawkers deliver

A big portion of the population eats at hawker centres, foodcourts and coffee shops.

There are often signboards at the stalls showing dishes that look attractive, like they would appeal to our taste buds.

However, when the food is served, a good many people are invariably disappointed. The dishes, more often than not, look very different from the pictures shown, and the taste is not up to expectations.

Surely it is considered false advertising to serve something other than what is displayed.

Many hawkers seem to believe that what they are offering is value for money.

But the quality of food is going downhill, service is poor and the condition of the eating places leaves much to be desired.

It is not uncommon to see cleaners sweeping food debris off tables with filthy rags.

They throw crockery into the collection bins, sometimes making patrons jump.

Many coffee shops also place their collection bins right next to the area where food is served.

At times, I wonder if I will get food poisoning when I eat out.

Much improvement is needed before hawker food deserves the universal praise being heaped on it.

Joyce Ong (Ms)

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