SIA's reputation can help it rise to new heights

Singapore Airlines has a stellar track record for outstanding aviation services.

However, the struggle to compete with low-cost regional carriers and premium Middle Eastern airlines has forced it to rethink its long-term strategy (Singapore Airlines CEO signals job cuts loom in business review; ST Online, June 7).

Resting on its laurels is not an option.

The performance of SIA is significant because it is representative of the Singapore Dream.

Initially a state-owned enterprise, SIA grew to regional prominence, and today, is widely lauded by foreign travellers and local residents alike.

The airline is a symbol of the country's soaring achievement in its short history.

It embodies Singapore's ambitions and, by extension, those of Singaporeans.

Although it is disheartening to hear of the losses SIA has had to take, I am confident it will rebound and regain its position as aviation leader.

Challenges will arise as it streamlines costs without compromising turnaround and service quality.

With major premium carriers providing similar services, SIA needs to differentiate itself more.

Outperforming rivals on the service margin may not be enough. Instead, transformational innovations are essential.

If SIA succeeds, it will cement Singapore's place as a world-class aviation transport hub.

As de-facto brand ambassador, a lot is riding on the company to assert the Singapore identity.

While a strong bottom line is crucial, a strong reputation is what sells.

I believe SIA's assured commitment to adaptability will take its success to new heights.

Aldrin Relador

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