Short-changed when SIA slashed ticket price

In August, my husband and I booked premium economy tickets for Singapore Airlines' direct flight to Los Angeles in mid-2019.

However, much to our surprise, SIA subsequently slashed its price for this route by almost 35 per cent during its promotion in November.

The reduced price was similar to the cost of economy seats on non-direct flights from Singapore to Los Angeles.

When I asked SIA about the price difference, it said that the reduction was due to "few takers" for its direct flights.

However, given that there's at least another six months' time to our travel date, isn't it premature to conclude that there are too few takers right now to justify the price cut?

When we asked if we could pay the cancellation fees so as to book our tickets under the new price - which still worked out to be cheaper - our request was flatly turned down.

Did SIA conduct a proper and thorough analysis of its pricing strategy before the launch of its direct flights?

Reducing the price substantially in such a short time after the launch comes at the expense of those who booked early, and shows poor planning in terms of marketing strategy.

SIA should focus on getting its basic pricing and marketing strategies right and not take its many loyal customers for granted.

Madeline Lim Mei Lean (Ms)

A version of this article appeared in the print edition of The Straits Times on December 31, 2018, with the headline 'Short-changed when SIA slashed ticket price'. Subscribe