Shops should stop giving plastic bags freely

A customer with several plastic shopping bags.
A customer with several plastic shopping bags.PHOTO: ST FILE

I wonder whether Singapore is really making an effort to reduce the use of plastic.

On a recent visit to Kuala Lumpur, staff in every shop I went to, even a supermarket, asked me whether I needed a plastic bag.

I did not as I carried my own bag.

In Singapore, when I went to a 7-Eleven outlet one morning to buy bread, which was already wrapped in plastic, the cashier packed the bread into a plastic bag without asking if I needed one.

This happens in practically every shop I visit in Singapore. No one has ever asked me whether I wanted a plastic bag. At the supermarket, cashiers will readily load your purchases into as many plastic bags as possible. Can we follow the Malaysian example?

Ong Eng Tong

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