Shed some light on the merging of JCs

I can understand the need for schools to merge because of falling enrolment (8 junior colleges among 28 schools to be merged; April 21).

What befuddles me is how the Ministry of Education decided which schools to merge.

Take, for instance, Tampines Junior College, which is being merged into Meridian Junior College.

Tampines JC was officially opened in 1988, whereas Meridian JC dates back to only 2003.

Tampines JC has a longer history and, most likely, a greater footprint on society.

In shutting it, are we ignoring its values, traditions and spirit, as well as the sense of belonging and pride its alumni have in their school?

What message are we handing down to our younger generation? How can we move forward?

I am sure selecting the schools to merge was not an easy decision. I sincerely hope the MOE can shed some light on the matter.

Chan Whye Shiung

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