Sharing public spaces safely: LTA replies

We thank readers for their views on improving safety for pedestrians and cyclists.

With more people using bicycles and other personal mobility devices as a convenient and environmentally friendly mode of transport, there has been growing discussion over how we can improve the safety of all road users.

The Land Transport Authority (LTA) has and will continue to build more dedicated cycling paths, where possible, to provide pedestrians and cyclists with their own space. This is the safest approach.

However, as pointed out by many people, it would not be practical or possible to build dedicated cycling paths everywhere, and there is a need to consider how different users can be encouraged to use paths safely and harmoniously.

To do so, the Active Mobility Advisory Panel was established in July to review and propose a set of rules and norms for the safe and harmonious use of paths.

The panel comprises representatives from key groups, such as seniors, youth, cyclists, and personal mobility device users, to reflect the wide range of views on this issue.

A public consultation exercise has been launched to gather the public's views, and the panel will review the concerns and suggestions received in its deliberations.

The public consultation exercise will conclude by the end of this year and the panel will propose a set of rules and code of conduct for the safe use of paths by early next year.

We will step up our public education and enforcement efforts to ensure that the public understands the rules well and practises the code of conduct.

We encourage everyone, be it pedestrians, cyclists or motorists, to do their part in keeping our paths safe by practising simple behaviour, such as slowing down in crowded areas and at crossings, giving way to more vulnerable users, and maintaining awareness of the surroundings.

By showing greater consideration for others, we can create a harmonious and safe environment for everyone.

Tan Shin Gee (Ms)


Active Mobility and Policy

Land Transport Authority

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