Share more information on financial aspects of giant tunnels

I am concerned about the large bill of $2.4 billion for the giant tunnels that will safeguard Singapore's electricity supply network in the future (Giant tunnels to safeguard power supply network; Dec 20).

I do not recall seeing any figures on the payback period for this project but I expect that the projected savings would be used to justify such a large expenditure.

Can the relevant agency share this information with the public?

The article also indicated that space in the tunnels could be leased to the telecommunication companies.

I am surprised that this is not already the case.

It would make commercial sense to have already made a long-term agreement on how the space can be used by the telecommunication companies, and the rates to be charged.

If this is left to negotiation only now, it could be a matter of horse-trading, and that could be detrimental to garnering the best results for the country.

I hope that the Government will intervene rather than leave this to market forces.

Tan Kin Lian

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