Shape new educational narrative for children

Studies have proven that most of our creativity and learning are developed during our childhood. Children experience a sense of joy through their intellectual adventures (Reducing inequality with early childhood development; Oct 18).

So why do most children grow up losing this spirit and becoming more stressed?

The reason is that they are slowly given more inflexible academic expectations with tight timelines.

However with the Industry 4.0, or the Fourth Industrial Revolution, and the arrival of robotic automation, the future looks very uncertain and our children are getting confused because they do not see a clear reward for their efforts.

Thus, on a macro level, reducing inequality starts with the active desire of the Government to find equitable wages for all Singaporeans who have different strengths.

The path to success is varied and this has to start with teachers, parents and a curriculum moving away from the "standard" examples of desired professions, such as medicine, engineering or law.

Ultimately, as adults, we have to shape the new educational narrative of success for our young.

Colin Ong Tau Shien

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