Set up system for residents to report suspicious activities

The stepping up of security measures by the Ministry of Home Affairs is to be commended ("Major ramp-up in security in face of mounting ISIS threat"; March 19).

In recent days, we have read of the increasing threats posed by the Islamic militants in Indonesia and Malaysia.

In Singapore, we have had our share of problems ("The 'ISIS four' S'pore stopped and sent back"; March 6). We must also never forget that we had our own militants, such as Mas Selamat Kastari and other Jemaah Islamiah members. There may yet be Singaporeans who have been influenced by radical preachers overseas.

Although our police and security forces are constantly on the alert, we must never hesitate to report suspicious activities and people known to be indoctrinated by radicalised individuals or groups, even if they are within our neighbourhood or are acquaintances.

Perhaps the Ministry of Home Affairs could implement a reporting system whereby citizens can respond effectively to potential threats. It is always better to be safe than sorry, and we should always be prepared.

Adrian Villanueva

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