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Serve kids healthy bento box meals

The news on rising obesity rates is alarming and worrisome (S'pore risks hitting obesity rates of 15% in seven years; June 20).

The importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle and the dangers of bad dietary habits should be taught to people from an early age.

We can start in our primary school canteens.

Instead of sugary beverages, pupils should be taught to consume water. The sale of deep-fried food like chicken wings and fries should also be limited.

We could encourage our canteen vendors to serve food in bento sets that adhere to the Health Promotion Board's My Healthy Plate recommendation - half a plate of fruits/vegetables, a quarter plate of whole grains, and a quarter plate of meat/fish.

Smaller plates can be used in canteens, since overeating also contributes to high obesity rates.

Making Singapore a healthier nation may be an uphill task, but it can be achieved through meaningful partnerships with schools and increased awareness of how to maintain a healthy diet.

Gabriella Soh Si Hui, 15,

Secondary 4 student

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